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The jet lag has worn off, the sand has been emptied out of my shoes, and i’m officially back at my home university; It feels weird looking out the dorm window and not seeing palm trees or hearing screeching birds. I’ll always miss the great environment and people of Australia who take everything in stride and are be fazed by very little. I think my experience abroad has shown me that life isn’t all about competition and doing things because they’re considered the norm. There are always different paths to explore or new things to try, and you shouldn’t let the actions or opinions of others determine your own choices. I am used to people talking about being successful and believing that there are few paths leading to such success. But Australia gives you the freedom to work out what direction you want your life to take and how you’re going to fulfill those aspirations. I have definitely gained a new outlook on the future, making it seem like an opportunity for exploration, much like my time abroad turned out to be.


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