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Adjusting to America

After enduring the 36 hour trek home, I arrived in Vermont on the fourth of July. Sadly, jetlag prevented me from celebrating too much and seeing any fireworks. Now, I’ve been home about two weeks and while I haven’t quite finished unpacking (yikes!) I think I’ve finally readjusted to the homeland.

I will admit that I caught myself driving on the left side of the road for a second (luckily it was only in a parking lot) and I have been criticized a few times for using Kiwi slang (“sweet-as” and “keen” have become a part of my vocabulary.) Even today I made a smoothie with peanut butter and I was shocked by the amount of sugar in it. One positive aspect of reverse culture shock that I’ve noticed is that everything is so much cheaper here! I don’t think I realized how much money I was spending in New Zealand….

I never would have thought that it would be possible to feel culture shock in my own country, or especially in my own hometown. It’s remarkable how a place you grew up in can seem so foreign after only four and a half months in another country.

Arguably the thing I miss most about New Zealand is Wellington and the amazing people (both international students and Kiwis) with whom I met and shared this amazing experience with. From day one of IFSA-Butler orientation to Easter break on the South Island and the last few nights in the city, I’m so grateful for every moment I spent with these wonderful people.

Luckily, many of us have bought tickets to watch the All Blacks play the USA rugby team when they visit in November! It should be a fun reunion, although I’m not sure who to root for!


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