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Third Week’s a Charm

Today marks three full weeks in Costa Rica, well almost three weeks. Really it’s a day shy… but who’s keeping track? Given that the past couple of weeks have, more than anything, been an exotic extension of my summer break vacations I certainly have not been keeping track of the days. But even while my lazy summer mindset hasn’t quite worn off, my days have been filled with anything but lazy summer afternoons. In the two weeks since the program has started I have gone to the beach, to the mountains, to the country, around the neighborhood, around the university, around the city, and halfway across the country. (Okay maybe just a quarter of the way across the country, but halfway sounds a lot more dramatic). In short, I have done a lot. And instead of boring you guys (and myself) with a list of what I did I’m just going to make an extensive photo gallery with rocking captions that will hopefully give you a picture (*knee slap* I am tooooo good) of my past two weeks in Costa Rica. So for those skimmers out there, READ THE PHOTO CAPTIONS they are important!

Con cariño,


P.S. For those of you tracking me on the map, I have had the hardest time getting Google to find Heredia the city. So for future reference, when it says San Jose I really mean Heredia.


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