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Until Exams

Classes are over and exams don’t start until next week for me. This means I have a lot of time to either study for exams, travel around New Zealand more or just lie in the Sun and spend time at the beach. The first option is just so not-so-study-abroad like. The second option is costly and with all the two week tour of South Island I did (read my earlier posts), no more money left for more travel. So, basically all I have been doing couple past days is lying in the Sun in Albert Park which reminds me of Central Park of New York, especially when it’s bright and sunny and everyone is just lying and dozing off.
Sand castle made by anonymous architects. Photo: Digital Subway
I have also been occasionally checking out the beach, especially when the weather forecasts are friendly. After all, the beach is only 20 minutes away, a simple bus ride. I will let the pictures speak rest of the story.

Me at the beach in my fancy shirt. Photo by: Jonathon Feinmann
Franky Sowers showing off his acrobatic skills. Photo by: Digital Subway
Franky again. Photo by: Digital Subway
Auckland at sunset from Mission Bay Beach. Photo by: Digital Subway
People just chilling in the Sun in Albert Park. Photo by: Digital Subway

Fun times till exams start. I am going to Bay of Islands next weekend which means more beach time. Cheers. Will keep you all posted.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Great blog man. I’m actually leaving this morning to go to University of Auckland as well, and I’ll be living in the Wellesley apartments (which from what I’ve read from other blogs and yours, is making me a bit nervous). I normally go to University of Pittsburgh here in the states, and felt that I needed another city abroad. But this one will have much better weather than Pittsburgh from what I hear. Can’t wait to see New Zealand in all of its beauty!

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