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bars and boliches

The nightlife in Buenos Aires was rated one of the best in the world. And I would definitely have to agree. There are tons of options, everything from visiting a secret speakeasy bar, to listening to live jazz or tango music, to going to some of the cute/hipster bars in Palermo, or even staying out until 8am at one of the many clubs or boliches.  

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Buenos-Aires_Party_Museum_1 HIOO-Buenos-Aires

When I first got to Buenos Aires, I told myself I was going to visit every club in the city. And then I realized that I would have to live there yearssss for that to happen. I have a feeling you could live your whole life in the city, go out every weekend, and still have bars and clubs you’ve never explored. There are just that many options.

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So to talk about a few of my favorites…

Esquina Libertad: Discovered by my amazing friend Helen, Esquina was just a few blocks from our apartments in Palermo. It was more quiet, but 2014-06-27 00.58.05always crowded, and there was such a great atmosphere of colorful art, hipster books and magazines, and an outdoor patio. My friends and I would go here m
ost of the weekends, and I have to say it’s one of the places I miss most. 

Milión: Soooo fancy and amazing. Milión is in Recoleta, one of the most beautiful and oldest parts of the city, and it was converted from an elegant three-story mansion into a bar. From the outside, the bar simply looked like a residential building from Paris or the Upper East Side of NYC. We opened the door, and saw a spiral staircase leading up to a gorgeous marble bar and rooms with tall ceilings and the most elegant decor. All the beautiful couples were on dates, with women wearing little black dresses and men wearing suits. Simply classy and elegant.

2014-06-29 03.50.33Terrazas: I made a bucket list of every place I wanted to go, and I had heard great things about Terrazas. Mostly popular in the summer, the club is filled with outdoor terraces overlooking the water, surrounded by palm trees, a break from the usual city nightlife. 

Kika: I have to include Kika on my list because I went here most weekends. No matter what, Kika was always a good time. I would always end up staying here until 6 or 7am (I have no idea how I made it that long! I kept explaining to my Argentine friends how bars closed around 2am in the US, and how this would ruin my precious sleep cycle 😛 But actually, naps were a must before going out with them)

2014-06-07 01.30.33-1           McDonalds: I’M KIDDING ABOUT THIS ONE. But after a night of going out, my Argentine friends would always want breakfast at McDonalds. And surprisingly, McDons was real classy in Buenos Aires. Like they had cheesecake and macaroons in their dessert section. Once I also walked in with the equivalent of three US dollars, and I couldn’t afford a thing. Dollar menu, where are you!?!!

Overall, the bars and boliches in Buenos Aires were one of my favorite parts of the city. I loved the people, the music, the feeling of simply being alive. I’ve really come to love the music from Argentina and Latin America, especially cumbia, which was originally popular among the country’s lower classes but is perfect for dancing. It has such character, just like the city’s places and people.

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