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The First Week.

First Week in Auckland


I just moved into my flat at Carlaw Park, which is far nicer than I expected. I have a flat with 3 other people, two of who already live here and a third that will be moving in at a later another time. There was a wonderful note written on a chalkboard welcoming me to the new place. I quickly unpacked and did a much-needed load of laundry. Since it was the first night in Auckland the other students studying through IFSA-Butler and I went out for some dinner. We went to Tyler St. Garage, which is known for their pizza. It was definitely out of my budget so I won’t be going there again any time soon even though the pizza was amazing.


Since classes won’t start for a while I need to find things to do to keep myself busy.  Auckland is a pretty big city and I was told that it’s really easy to get caught up in it. Auckland is not all that New Zealand has to offer. I am really excited to check out the rest of the country but I have to remember that I’m here for the next few months and I will have to pace myself. Despite being really hilly Auckland is a fairly walk able city. The other day some other IFSA-Butler students and I took the ferry out to Devonport. Still part of Auckland and only a ten-minute ferry ride it feels like a whole different world. It replaces the busy downtown streets with quite little neighborhood roads. Forget tall concrete buildings and think of little front yards with a tree house. We got some fish n’ chips and then worked our way down the peninsula to the old Navy Base which is open to the public. The views were stunning. Devonport is easily my favorite place in Auckland.


The weather is really unpredictable here. It can go from being a perfect ‘winter’ day here to raining side ways in a matter of minutes. I say winter but by my definition of winter the weather here is more like perfect. Most days are nice and cool around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. There is much more of Auckland to be seen over the coming weeks. I look forward to exploring it and the country beyond it.


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