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Vamos a vivir una aventura

“Vamos a vivir una aventura”

I saw this on the plane on the way to Buenos Aires. It means, “We are going to live an adventure”. I really like this and have decided it’s going to be my motto for the five months I am here! Every day, whether I am exploring a new park or coffee shop, getting on the bus going the wrong way, or trying to figure out what my professor is saying in Spanish it is an adventure and something more to grow and to learn from! Even telling my mom I have “tres hijos” (three children) instead of “tres hermanos” (siblings) when I first got here. The expression on her face was priceless…

First off, in regards to my last post… the world cup did not get pushed back a week, and Argentina did not win. And even though I was not here to experience the game, the soccer spirit is everywhere, as anywhere you turn you are not far from a huge picture of Lionel Messi or his face on the side of a building. However I did successfully finish packing with (very little) time to spare.

Secondly, I am going to make a promise: Starting now, I will blog more often! I have officially been here a month and they have been absolutely packed. Instead of boring you with a detailed explanation of everything I have done, I’ve decided to do a photo tour of my experiences so far. It is almost impossible to explain all I have learned while in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a single post. So here we go:

  1. My Home: I have a single host mother (Marta) and a cat (Princesa) and live in the neighborhood of Caballito. I have never liked cats in my life, but this cat has changed that. I’m a big fan, especially because her behavior is more like a dog minus the barking.
    My neighborhood of Caballito is a middle-class Buenos Aires area. This is not usually a neighborhood that people visit if coming to Buenos Aires, because it is mainly residential. I love it, because this means it is much less touristy and I already easily feel like it is my home! This is a wonderful park that is always completely filled with people walking, playing soccer, break dancing (as in this picture), and searching through the book stands that are there every day.
  2. Café Culture: one of my absolute favorite things about Buenos Aires. Every block has at least 2 different cafés, and you will rarely be at an intersection without one in sight. Two of the girls that live in Caballito and I have discovered our favorite spot in the neighborhood, La Collectionista with cheap brunch, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and amazing “licuados”, the smoothies here.
    Although La Collectionista will always be the go-to café, my favorite I have ever been to is called El Ateneo. It was an old theater that was converted into a bookstore and has a café where the stage was for the theater. It was voted the second most beautiful bookshop in the world. We sat there for four hours, drinking coffee and reading a few of the books we took off the shelves. This place is my paradise…
    Even better, there are often concerts, tango shows, or theater in the cafes!  Every Monday evening in one of the cafés there is “Folk You Mondays”, where there is open mic and several artists come and play guitars, harmonicas, or other instruments and sing folk music, some in english and some in spanish, a very fun place to go and relax with friends :)
  3. More!
    Sights of Argentina…

    A show we went to with the program one of the first nights we got here, called Fuerza Bruta. At one point, there was a clear floor above us that the people were sliding on above us.

    Avenida 9 de Julio — the widest avenue in the world

    Casa Rosada — the Argentine version of the white house (where the president lives!)

    Mario, our program director, giving us a tour of the incredible Recoleta Cemetery

    My first rugby game ever! So much fun to watch

    Te quiero, Argentina :) Can’t wait for all the adventures to come!!


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