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August (and everything after)

This summer I’ve felt like I’m at a complete dead end, which seems so ironic for someone who is less than 3 days away from beginning their greatest adventure so far. I’m a pretty OCD person and planning ahead makes things a lot easier for me. Cuba is a huge mystery and since I can’t predict what the semester is going to bring, I can’t really indulge my instincts to plan for the more distant future (Christmas! Reuniting with friends! Returning to Colgate!). Thus, the dead end feeling. I’ve just gotta get on Island Time, try a mojito or three, and everything will be awesome.

Most of the goodbyes have been said, some purposefully and mutually avoided because they’d probably have done more harm than good. My bag is nearly packed, which was extra tricky due to the baggage and weight limits in place for travel from America to Cuba. The fact that it’s prime hurricane season is a minor curveball, but otherwise I’d say Havana is the ideal place to pack for because of the tropical climate.

My Spanish is definitely rusty but will hopefully whip into shape pretty quickly. I really am so excited to begin the semester and get the most out of my time in Havana. I’ve been told the internet there is sporadic at best, so I’ll be posting as often as possible!



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