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Baby Kiwi Cont.

Being abroad is a whole new adjustment, but luckily we are allotted this honey moon period where you feel like you are still a tourist.

The IFSA study abroad staff made us feel so welcome with a 4-day orientation that included kayaking, running around, visiting hot springs, and a local Maori tribe. Although there was no contact with anyone back home.

Finally arriving to our accommodation we were welcomed by a kiwi mate who was also able to show us around everywhere in Wellington and what all the good and cheap shops were! I was able to contact my family who felt at ease when I told them how the traveling went and how the orientation was.

I’ve noticed that my mom contacts me so often and it’s because she is concerned about this big adventure. Not only am I the first one to go to college in my family but I am also the first to travel outside of the United States. I’ve found that keeping in touch, even with little texts here and there help her feel more comfortable. Plus we talk or skype at least once a week and its so amazing to be able to show her the beautiful place I am living in and have her meet the new friends I’ve made.

So far I haven’t felt homesick but I’m sure it will come, I’m just happy I haven’t had to deal with it yet and I am able to enjoy my time abroad thus far.

Being a baby kiwi involves so many things like getting to know how New Zealanders (or kiwis) speak. There’s surprisingly a lot of miscommunication for having the same language. When I go to order something to go its called take away and using restroom or bathroom isn’t common. Also the e’s here are pronounced as i’s and when a lecturer or kiwi talks quickly I sometimes have no idea what they are saying. With that being said its so fun to ask them how things are done or said and because everyone is so nice and welcoming here its easy to pick up the culture.

I can’t wait to continue on this adventure and learn more.

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