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Disbelief, scared, nervous, curious, anxious, and excited are only some words that describe  how I feel as I prepare myself to leave for Barcelona, Spain in five days!! Yes FIVE DAYS I will walk into what will be a very life changing experience. I thinks its funny how when talking about this trip I mention how I am “preparing” to go abroad,  what does it even mean to “prepare” for this trip? I mean there is no actual formula, special potion, or pamphlet you get to really prepare  yourself, your family or your friends when getting ready to leave the country.  Though  I was given some logistical tools and advice from our program directors and friends who have gone abroad, I have to be honest and say that there is NO WAY that I truly feel “prepared.” As I sit here writing, I have came to the conclusion that it is okay to feel this way, also that it is okay not to know what to expect, what to pack, how to pack, what new relationships I will make in my host country, how I will maintain  old relationships, and ultimately the overall impact a trip like this will have on my life.  I know that was a lot, but these are the very concerns that have been on my mind for the longest. Now as time gets closer reality is beginning to hit and I cant help but to ask myself, “Is this real life?”  You see I grew up in poverty, around poverty, and some of my relatives still reside in that environment. It didn’t make sense for someone with my background to even have the opportunity to go to college, let alone ABROAD to study in a whole new country!!!!  Telling you all how I feel is impossible, there is not even a word that will fully grasp what I am feeling, but what I will say is that despite any and everything I know I am embarking on a special journey.  This experience is not just for me (that would be selfish) this will be a testament to every person who grew up in my situation;  had a dream that circumstances made seem impossible to let them know that your dream can be your reality!! So I guess the answer to my question is YES, THIS IS REAL LIFE…

See you soon Barcelona, get ready because KETTA IS GOING INTERNATIONAL!!!!!!


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