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My first few days in Cuba

The past few days have been very busy since we arrived in Cuba Saturday morning. We had to check-in at Miami International at 3:30 in the morning after only a couple hours of sleep, but our travel day was seamless and the flight was only 40 minutes long. For the rest of the day, we settled into our home where we will be spending the next four months in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana and met our host family.

Thus far, we have been spending a lot of time getting to know Havana and the surrounding area. In Havana, we have already visited La Habana Vieja (the old district of the city), the Museum of the Revolution, the Malecón, and the Plaza of the Revolution. Outside of Havana, we have visited Regla (a town on the east coast of the Bay of Havana), the Castillo del Morro, and Playa Santa María. My favorite part was walking through the historic streets and plazas of La Habana Vieja, some of which date back to the 16th century.

Tomorrow is the first day of the program’s core course Cuba: Cultura, Arte y Sociedad and Monday we will register for classes at the University of Havana. In addition to the core course, I am thinking about taking Cuban Film since the Revolution, Migration Cuba-USA, and Philosophy and Society. I am really interested to see how different the structure and focus of UH’s classes are from the classes I’ve taken at Boston College.

I am excited that next weekend we are taking a trip Viñales to visit the valley, its caves, and a tobacco factory. Since I’ve already crossed out visiting the Museum of the Revolution and walking through the Castillo del Morro on my list, I would like to add visiting Cuba’s Cayos (a group of islands off of the northern coast of central Cuba) and seeing a production by Cuba’s National Theater. After a good first few days, I can’t wait to see what else Cuba has to offer.


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