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Hey look another post

Hi all, sorry for the delay! I got caught up in the iTunes visualizer.

These past couple weeks have been characterized by sunshine, beaches, and travels! So average weeks.

After returning home from Cairns, schoolwork resumed as usual. I dissected a tarantula, wrote a 22 page paper on overfishing, and surveyed the health of a hypothetical reef. In case you’re concerned, the reef is looking good. The actual Great Barrier Reef, however, has been facing recent threats of dredging and dumping off of Abbot Point. I’ve recently joined Act Now, the environmental activism group on campus, and we’re working to stage a protest in defense of the reef. The other day, we ventured down to the marina and attached flyers to all the boats to rally support for the protest. Tragic irony struck when hours after the postering, every single flyer blew into the water. Fortunately, all the paper was retrieved from the water. Unfortunately, it still looked pretty bad.

In other news, I’ve still been going strong with frisbee! My apologies to everyone who just lost bets. Last game, I only made contact with the frisbee once, but hey! It’s an improvement from the last three games! The annual frisbee pubcrawl was this past weekend, during which over 100 frisbee players dressed up as various fairy tail characters and had a raucous night in town. I dressed as both Hansel AND Gretel. Everyone guessed I was Pocahontas.

Prior to this weekend, I spent the past two weekends on Magnetic Island, only a 20 minute ferry away from Townsville. The first weekend was to celebrate the monthly full moon party that occurs on the island. Thailand is home to the world’s largest and most popular full moon party, however there are several others scattered across the globe. Thousands of travelers flock to Maggie Island for the event, and even though it was literally the ONLY night in all my time here in Australia that it has rained, we still had a blast. The headliner was… JOEL FLETCHER!!! (Some of you may know who that is.   I don’t.) The next day was a perfect beach day, complete with gellato, swimming, parrot feeding, incredible star gazing at night, and then more gellato.

The second weekend spent at Maggie was Butler’s weekend getaway trip! The Butler students reunited and met up with Lalena, our Butler student coordinator. We stayed at cozy little bed and breakfast which was certainly a step up from the hostels we had been accustomed to. We went for a beach walk during low tide and spotted at least 10 sting rays! At sunset, we fed rock wallabies and ate Thai for dinner. We had an early start the next morning and boated off to the Great Barrier Reef! On the two and half hour trip over, we saw a humpback whale with two calfs right beside the boat! Two great white sharks were also spotted, but of course, I looked a second too late! Soon after, I geared up to go scuba diving. The reef was even more breathtaking than the last dive in Cairns. We got within feet of a whitetip reef shark and saw a massive bull ray. Certainly a memorable dive.

I’m sure there are some things that I’m leaving out, but if I remember, I’ll just pretend they happened later and include them in my next blog post. YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!


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