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Arriving in Barcelona

Leaving Dublin was bitter sweet. I had such a wonderful experience and met some amazing people in the hostel that I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to! On the other hand, I was going to begin my semester living in Barcelona, so I guess the sweet outweighed the bitter.

My first day in Spain was a complete whirlwind. Just minutes after meeting my group leaders Ryan and Helena, and two of my peers, Danielle and Shaketta, I was off to meet my host family! My mom Teresa is a very sweet mother and a very wild woman! She loves the beach, loud music, and staying active. My sister Carla is 15 and very nice as well. I haven’t gotten to know her yet because she is always off with her boyfriend, but I do know she loves to surf which is pretty cool. My brother Jofre is 14 and my pal! We watch Modern Family together; teach each other Spanish and English, and get along pretty well. He is very shy and sweet. It took me a few days to figure them out, so let me back up a little!

Moments after putting my bags down in a tiny yet lovely room, I was changing into a dress for a cousin’s birthday party and a day at the beach. Did I mention that I pulled an all-nighter the night before? Anyways, I was trying to be flexible and opened minded so I went, but man could I have used a nap first. We arrived and after a million hugs and kisses we were sitting down to a feast on the beach. The uncle order one of everything from the lunch menu, mussels, clams, shrimp, salad, and lots of other tasty mysterious sea creatures! Once we were done eating what I thought was the main course (at this point I was stuffed and practically falling asleep at the table) they brought a huge pan filled with paella. No matter how stuffed I was I ate a whole plate and don’t regret it, it was delicious.

After an extremely long meal we were off to the beach. Here I was happy to go off on my own and sleep. After my nap I went for a walk along the beach and it finally hit me, I was living in Barcelona. Once the sun set I thought we would head home, but surprise, another birthday party. This time it was a little harder to be flexible and happy, but I still tried. This party was one the beach with scarves hanging and candles lit, it was very pretty. By 11 I finally convinced my family to leave and I crashed the moment we got home and left unpacking for another day.

It was quite the first day in Spain! My family is very welcoming which makes me glad. Unfortunately I forgot my camera on this little adventure, so I’ll never know if the day really happened or not…it quite possibly could have been a dream.


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