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One Week Anniversary

I have officially lived in Barcelona for one week and I am completely smitten. It feels vary natural living here. I get along with my family great, I understand the metro system and with a map I can get anywhere that I need to go.

My first week here was a blast; the directors of my program Ryan and Helena jammed packed our week with fun Spanish activities. We a few meetings throughout the week were we discussed many things such as cultural differences, safety, our expectations for the semester, etc…We also took an hour long Castellano class to learn a few phrases in Barcelona’s second language. All I really remember is bon dia, for good morning!

We went out to lunch with our program a few times which was awesome. Helena ordered a bunch of different plates and taught us the names of things. Ordering food here can be a challenge at times because you don’t learn the names of dishes in Spanish classes. Sometimes I end up with something that I didn’t expect but I always enjoy it, good thing I’m not a picky eater.

Thursday night was one of my favorite activities, a cooking class! Everyone was in charge of making one dish. Alex made gazpacho which is a tomato soup served cold, yummy but not my favorite food on the menu. My memory is a little fuzzy, but John made this amazing toast with a mix of meats and chesses on top. I made tortilla, and not to toot my own horn but it was delish. It was a lot easier than I expected, you chop up a bunch of potatoes and onions, cook them in an insane amount of olive oil, and add eggs right at the end, so tasty! Danielle made meat paella, which was the most complicated dish and she rocked it. And for dessert Shaketta made crema de catalane, very similar to creme brulee but a thousand times better! It was a good bonding experience for the group and the most delicious night of my week.

The final activity planned was a scavenger hunt through the city. They combined our program of 5 with a group of 12 students the University of Maryland. We split into groups of 4 and ran around the city solving riddles, taking pictures and talking to locals. The best one was taking a picture with a skater from the city’s biggest skate park. The hunt was a great way to end our week of orientation.

Even though my schedule was packed this week, I still had plenty of time to go to the beach, wonder alone, hang out with my new friends and family, and party at night.

This week has been amazing, but my real life hasn’t even started yet. Tomorrow is my first day at my internship with Share is Fashion and Tuesday I start my Spanish and culture classes. I’m a little nervous to start the internship, so today I’m relaxing and mentally preparing myself for a week with a lot of work and a lot of Spanish.

Time for a siesta, hasta luego!



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