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First Day Interning

I just got home from my first day interning with a company called Share is Fashion and I could not be more thrilled! Finding the building was simple; it’s close to center city off of a major road called Diagonal. The offices are on the top floor of a very old building, but the insides have been remodeled and it’s a very sleek modern environment. I met my advisor Jaume and quickly realized how overdressed I was. He was in a denim shirt, shorts, and sneakers while I was wearing a dress, heals and a blazer. I guess it’s better to over dress than under dress. Next time I will definitely dress more casually.

Anyways, the company is so cool. They have only been up and running for about a year now, and I think the entire company consists of 5 people. After lots of hellos and kisses, (which is totally normal in a professional environment here, I know weird!) Jaume and I sat on the balcony and discussed the company and my responsibilities.

Share is Fashion is an app on your phone and a blog/website. The app is supposed to be used when someone needs advice on what to wear. You post a picture and people can vote yes or no. Núria the creator came up with the idea when she struggled deciding what looks good on her while shopping. The website is a place to follow labels, trends, and fashion blogs.

My responsibility for the next month could not be more perfect. I’m supposed to post four blogs a week predicting fall/winter trends and showing the street style of different neighborhoods in Barcelona. I can come and go from the office whenever I please, and he expects me to work the majority of my hours around the city talking to fashionistas and taking pictures along with short interviews.

A month from now the app will be new and improved and my responsibilities will change from blogging to marketing and advertisement. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity in the wonderful city of Barcelona! I’m looking forward to my next day working this Wednesday and tomorrow I start my Spanish and cultures class, let the work begin.

ps- here is a link to the website, check it out!



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