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DÍA DEL CAMPO – A Day in the Countryside

Only two hours outside the always-busy city of Buenos Aires is the peaceful town of San Antonio de Areco, and the two could not be more different. San Antonio de Areco is a small, traditional Argentine town in the countryside. that we had the chance to escape to for a day this weekend. We took a bus to the town and when we got off, we were walking through unpaved streets surrounded by empty fields with few people in sight.


It had rained the night before and the dirt road that leads to the ranch that we were spending the day at, Estancia la Porteña, was a gigantic mud puddle the entire way. The taxis wouldn’t drive through it, so a man with a truck from the ranch came and picked us up. We fit 9 people in a 5-person car! Pretty impressive I must say, but my friend Jane and I huddled in the trunk for the bumpy car ride.

When we arrived, there were empanadas and beverages waiting for us. We explored the ranch and played a little bit of soccer.


They had cows, horses, pigs, ostriches, and plenty of dogs and cats (lots of baby animals too). Cows are my absolute favorite animal and they were just wandering around, not even fenced in! So that was exciting..


We went on a horseback ride around the ranch. My horse’s name was India and I’m pretty sure we are soulmates…


Then, it was time for the asado. Asado is an argentine tradition, which is basically a gigantic barbeque, but the best barbeque you could imagine. They cook many different types of meat on a huge grill – we had sausage, blood sausage (I tried it! But may not ever again..), a few different types of steak, pork, and chicken


All that meat was in addition to the salads, bread, fine Argentine wine, and desserts. After dinner, we were all so full that my friend Steph started feeding her scraps to the cats under the table… at one point she was surrounded by four cats and a dog!!

img_4818  Jane the dog whisperer…

After the unreal asado, it was time for some traditional argentine folklore music – there was a father and son trio that played/sang music for us to enjoy as we digested J My friend Ashley sings, and they had her play the guitar and sing a song (as one of the brothers held her iPhone).


It was incredible to see how these people have maintained the gaucho tradition that dates back to the 18th century!!

We went on another long horseback ride. It was so peaceful as the sun was going down, riding through fields where there was absolutely no person or building in sight. This will most definitely be un día para recordar (a day to remember).


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