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Scrambled eggs with ketchup

Breakfast was delicious this morning! I made scrambled eggs with ketchep! It was super easy to make. First I took eggs and then I scrambled them with a fork for about 30 seconds. Then, I cooked it for about five minutes. For the finishing touch, I just added ketchup!

Oh wait, sorry guys. Wrong blog!      My bad.


Australia has been keeping me quite busy lately! Schoolwork has started to pickup, and I’ve been away for most weekends. My most eventful weekend was when I went on a scuba diving trip with the JCU Dive Club! About 10 of us boarded a boat on Friday evening and set off for the Great Barrier Reef. We spent 2 nights on the boat, and did 6 dives total. The first day, we did 4 dives on the reef, including a night dive! I was lucky enough to spot a shark on every single dive! The following day, we dived the legendary Yongala shipwreck, and I must say, it certainly earns its place as one of the top five dive sites in the world. We’re the first divers in the water at 6:30am, and the second I look down into the blue, I realize there’s a massive school of great barracuda swimming directly below. We descent into what seems like endless blue, until suddenly, a gigantic ship is right in front of my eyes. The size of the wreck was impressive, but the size of the fish was utterly mind blowing. Schools of spotted eagle rays and bull rays bigger than myself! We were even lucky enough to spot the famous grouper, VW, named for being the size of a VW Volkswagen. It was magical. It was like the Little Mermaid without the mermaids.

The following weekend, I went a camping trip with 6 other mates. We drove down to Crystal Creek, a beautiful campsite right along a crystal clear river with heaps of swimming holes. It was a jolly old time. We didn’t have the most gourmet food, but we had plenty of it! I’d say we went through an impressive amount of beans. I’d also say it’s impressive that we managed to all sleep in tents together after eating all those beans. We spent the days relaxing by the creek and the nights sitting around the campfire. It was EXHAUSTING.

This post is a bit on the short side, but seeing as tomorrow is already midsemester break, I’ll definitely have some exciting stories when I get back from the Whitsunday Islands! Peace outtttt





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