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Five Years, Part I

September 21st. Bangkok. It’s 7:45 am, still twenty minutes till boarding. These days I rarely arrive at the airport so ahead of schedule. As I write my first blog post, I remembered it’s almost been five years since I fist left home.

Five years ago I made a difficult decision, a decision that came after a shock of reality and has since influenced my personal development in every aspect. I grew up in China, where there is a great disparity in education quality among different regions. Students in large cities have far greater resources compared to others. Myself, growing up in a smaller city, became aware of this when I was selected to participate in a nation-wide Model United Nations conference in Beijing. I admired the students from Beijing and Shanghai for their fluent English, impeccable arguments, and mature worldview. That was the first time I realized, in order to be competitive, I need to go out and find opportunities to advance myself. As a result, I made the decision to study in Australia. Although difficult to let go of their only child, my parents supported my decision. They understand the importance of education, as neither of them had the opportunity to go to college.

Five years later, I have studied for extended periods in three different continents and about to start in the fourth. Thanks to my decision to move away from the comfort of home, I continue to grow into the person that I wouldn’t have otherwise become. Today I’m more curious than ever, because the more I travel, the more I realize how much bigger the world is than my perception.

I’m so excited for everyone studying abroad or looking to study abroad. It’s not an easy decision, but the experience is definitely worth it. I’ve grown so much over the past five years being abroad and I’m looking forward share more on this in my next blog post.


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