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The Little Things

Slowly but surely, I have fallen in love with this little green country known to most as Costa Rica. I can’t say exactly what it is that has endeared me so, I just know that I can’t help but feel affection for the colorful mess that lines the streets and dots the countryside. If I force myself to think about it, there are several little things that have come together to make this an unforgettable experience. Things like the indescribable amazingly delicious warm (can a smell be warm?) smell of bread that wafts out panaderías at almost all times of the day, or the tender motherly gaze that comes so easily to all women past a certain age, or the unbelievably beautiful emerald-green mountains that line the horizon, or the willingness of most everybody to accommodate and serve, or the soft breeze that tickles the golden rays of sun that were just starting to burn, or the rumbling of the early evening train taking tired faces from San Jose back to Heredia after a long day of work, or the general feeling of community and pride. The list goes on. And I know that long after I return home, it’s these little memories, these smells, and sounds, and sights, and tastes, that will drift back to me and warm my heart and paint a smile on my face as I remember my sweet little Costa Rica.

Hasta luego (though hopefully not too much later),




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