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I’ve been in Merida for a month and a half now, and I can’t believe the heat is just now becoming bearable! I’m usually all about summer, but I have to say, I kind of miss the Chicago cold. Sometimes all I want is a little wind!


Since I go to school about eight hours away from my home in Nebraska, I am used to not seeing my parents for extended periods of time, but it’s nice that I have some distant relatives in the Chicago area who I can visit on the weekends. I’ve been in Mexico for more than three months now, and I am glad that my parents were able to come visit me in July. I had not seen them since Spring break, and I sure missed being around them. My sister, who lives in Kansas, was also able to come, and I enjoyed spending time with her too.


Being in Merida, I am in frequent contact with my parents but not as much as I am when I am at school in Chicago. However, I was more in contact with them when I was in the State of Mexico than now! This is because they were much more concerned with safety when I was there than here. Merida and Yucatan in general are extremely safe and low in crime. Mexico is stereotyped as unsafe for a lot of reasons, but the central and northern parts of Mexico are often stereotyped as the worst places to travel. My parents realize that Merida is safe, and they know they don’t have to worry as much.


I’m also in touch with my sister and my close friends from home. Two of them are high school friends and two of them are from college, but I talk with all of them regularly. I tell them just about every day some of the things that I experience here.


Today I got my identification card so that I can vote here in Mexico, and I am very excited. I finally have some ways to prove I am Mexican when people try to tell me otherwise! My parents and my siblings like to make fun of me as I was the only one who was born in the US, so I got my Mexican birth certificate and passport prior to coming to Mexico so that I could finally fit in. Well, alright, I did it for more than just that, but that’s a plus!


My host family has been very kind and attentive and they were super helpful when my parents called this past weekend worried because I had not told them that I was going to be on an excursion with no phone or internet access. They kindly let them know I was gone, but that I was in good hands. My dad told my host mom to give me un “jalón de orejas” or “pull my ears” which is a common way of getting kids to behave.


Well, I’m off to Skype some friends for now, so hasta luego!


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