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Los Venados de Merida

Last night I went to my first professional soccer game here! In the states, I usually go once or twice every summer to Columbus to see the Columbus Crew play. My family and I are really into soccer, so these trips to the capital are a lot of fun! We make a whole day of it and even stop at our favorite hot dog joint before going to the game. The game is also a ton of fun with some of the best fans in the league! Last night was definitely a reminder of what I would have gotten at home.

I went with some of my friends from IFSA and some new friends from the university that we attend here. The stadium is far away in comparison to where we are in the city. We hopped on a bus in what we hoped was the right direction. In about an hour, we made it to the stadium. Usually, in the states, stadiums are bustling with a lot of people. The Columbus Crew have their own stadium and parking lot for just about any activity! While there were a lot of people at the stadium in Merida, there weren’t as many as I was expecting. The stadium also was not what I expected. I thought that there would be a place to buy food or souvenirs, but I was mistaken. There were vendors with food, but I was disappointed I could not buy a tee shirt or jersey of the home team.

Overall the experience was great! I hope that I will have the chance to go to another soccer game or even catch a baseball game before I have to go back to the states. My family plans on coming to visit at the beginning of November, so this would be a great way to share the city with them! I probably could do without the hour long ride in a public bus though. After a long weekend, I have to start my homework for the upcoming week. It’s crazy to think that I have already been here for almost two months! But getting to know the layout of the city has been such a fun adventure for me. I hope to know more by the end of this amazing opportunity!



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