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Cuzco Trip: Breakfast in the Country


Recently, I took a trip with IFSA to Cuzco and the surrounding area (including Machu Picchu).  Cuzco is a really cool city and the former capital of the Incan Empire.  It is located in the middle of the Andes mountains at about 11,000 feet.  The Cuzco trip was awesome and way too eventful to describe in a single blog post.  So I am going to do a few posts about some of my favorite parts!

Breakfast In the Country

One of my favorite parts of Cuzco was a bus trip we took to visit a small community of farmers high in the mountains.   Our program director knew a Spanish woman who had worked in the town with an NGO, and they gave us a tour of their town and then we ate an amazing picnic breakfast of local food.  The town has around 50-100 people and is right on a lake (one of many in the area) at around 14,000 feet.  The people in the town live and work communally and refer to each other as “compañeros”, or “partners”.  They live an incredibly simple life, and they produce within the town most of what they consume.  They excitedly showed us their chacras (small farm plots), greenhouses, cows, guinea pigs and goats, and proudly told us how everything they produce is organic.

I was amazed at this opportunity to see so intimately how people live a lifestyle that is entirely different from mine; it was definitely not a traditional tourist experience.


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