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Spring Breakers

Ah yes Spring, my favorite season. The rain, the flowers, the warmth, and of course, SPRING BREAK!

The first few days of break were occupied by an ecology field trip to Magnetic Field trip (Yes, this marks my third stay on Maggie Island for those counting). My particular group studied human impacts on mammal behavior which basically involved hiking, searching for wild koalas, and feeding rock wallabies. Science is no walk in the park.

After returning to Townsville, three friends and I hopped onto a Greyhound bus and headed 4 hours south to Airlie Beach. We spent a few days exploring the area and relaxing on the beach. We even signed up to go on a fishing charter one night! We all caught several fish (someone else on the boat caught a shark!) and then later cooked the fish we had caught. Fried fish = best midnight snack.

On Thursday, we departed for our main adventure:  A KAYAK TRIP AROUND THE WHITSUNDAY ISLANDS! We crammed four days worth of water, food, and clothing into two kayaks and then took a water taxi to Whitehaven Beach, rated the third most beautiful beach in the world! We set up camp right on the beach and had the rest of the day to go hiking, snorkeling, and soak up the sun. The next morning, we woke up bright and early to kayak 20 kilometers to the next camp site. We took a lunch break at the stunning Hill Inlet, and then kayaked through crystal clear water the rest of the way. In total, it was about 7 hours of kayaking which roughly translates to about 36 hours of sore arms. We set up camp, bathed in the water (some real Bear Gryll stuff), and cooked the most satisfying dinner that consisted of only beans and tortillas. On Saturday, we kayaked to Hook Island and spent our last night on Crayfish Beach, a perfectly isolated oasis. We saw turtles, rays, and sharks right from the shore and even managed to climb to the top of a massive cliff with a breathtaking view. It was certainly an unforgettable experience, and I’m glad I chose the most adventurous way to see the Whitsundays as opposed to simply taking a boat cruise.

It wasn’t easy to assimilate back to classes, but my oh my finals are just around the corner! How time flies… :(



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