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Cienfuegos and Trinidad

This past weekend, we went on our second trip to Cienfuegos and Trinidad, two beautiful cities toward the center of the island on the southern coast. On the first day, we explored Cienfuegos’s historic center, walked along the bay of Cienfuegos, and saw the botanical gardens outside of the city before traveling to Trinidad to spend the night. On the second day, we visited many of the important sites of 500 year-old Trinidad, including the Church of San Francisco, Brunet Palace, and Plaza Mayor before heading back to Havana.

After we got back to Havana Saturday evening, a couple American students and I were able to see famous cellists Carlos Prieto and Yo-Yo Ma and Brasil Guitar Duo at the MartĂ­ Theater in the Capital district of Havana. Although tickets were sold out, once the crowd standing outside became smaller and started chanting to let them in, the theater let us in to see the second half, which included a cello duet and a guitar and cello quartet.

I posted a few pictures from the weekend below, and I am hoping to at least visit the Coppelia and the Columbus Cemetery by the end of the week.


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