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Starry, Starry Night

With a slight burn in my thighs from the climb up the hill, (the hill that some days, like this one, feels like a full on mountain) to go home, I looked out across the valley that lay below. Spewed across the folds of the valley were little balls of pink, and white, and yellow, and even the occasional blue or green. Balls that glowed and glimmered happily as if they were each a tiny flame nestled in the velvety black wrinkles of the mountainsides, so that all together it was a starry soup of color and life. I stood there for a couple of seconds taking it in, running my eyes over everything, willing myself to capture every single detail of this moment so that I could hold on to it long after it passed.

I feel like I should clarify quickly: I’m from Texas, which, for those of you who don’t know, is flat. While I will stubbornly and proudly proclaim that hills are very much a thing and do exist (After all, San Antonio is on the edge of the Hill Country), in essence the Texas countryside is one endless plain that reaches out to the horizon with no interruption other than sparse dry shrub and a handful of meandering livestock. Needless to say, mountains and valleys FASCINATE me. But so what does this have to do with study abroad? What philosophical thought can I pull out of my magical moment on an ordinary walk home? Umm…. That’s a good question!

I guess, with the shocking and bittersweet realization that I have a little more than a month left in Costa Rica, the only bit of wisdom I can think to impart is: enjoy. Enjoy every little thing you can because soon enough (and boy will that “soon enough” come quickly) you won’t be able to. Yes, there are there are things I can complain about and things that I don’t like and probably never will, there are things that I miss about the States and I still have those moments where all I want is to go home and see my family right here and now, but there is SOO much to be thankful here. There is so much in Costa Rica that I have enjoyed and that I still have to enjoy. So many things that I love, so many things that I already know I will miss. So my advice is, or rather, the only point to this pointless garbling is to never stop being thankful and never stop appreciating.


From Costa Rica with love,



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