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The Cave

Last weekend, we traveled as a program to the cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Cienfuegos is about 4 hours southeast of Havana so we stopped there first, got a quick tour of the tiny town center and then visited a beautiful mansion on the Bay of Cienfuegos. After lunch in town, we got back on the road and stopped at the Botanical Gardens of Cienfuegos which was so beautiful! There were a lot of different and unique tropical plants from all over the world. Then we finished off the drive to Trinidad, about an hour from Cienfuegos. Trinidad is a really adorable colonial city with incredible views of the Caribbean in one direction and some serious mountains in the other. That night we went out to the notorious “Cave Bar” which was so fun! It’s exactly what it sounds like, a bar in a cave, and apparently is the spot to be in Trinidad. Not only was the entire bar really beautiful but also it was just so different from the scene in Havana, so I definitely enjoyed the change of pace. The next day in Trinidad we toured a couple historical hot spots then hit the beach! The beach was just completely picture-perfect Caribbean paradise. Unfortunately we only had a little bit of time to spend there because we had to get back to Havana that night. Before we left, we made sure to try the traditional Trinidadian drink called la canchánchara. The name is a mouthful but the drink is not I assure you. It’s rum, honey and lemon served together over ice in a ceramic cup (not sure why but it’s part of the experience I guess) and so delicious.

Coming back to Havana unfortunately means I have to focus on school because it’s midterms time! Aside from written exams, classes at the University of Havana also hold these evaluations called seminarios which are basically graded oral presentations/class debates/sound pretty intimidating. After a homework-heavy beginning to the week, I’ll be looking forward to my parents’ visit that weekend!


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