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Why you should go to Costa Rica during the rainy season

There are only two seasons here, and winter is not one of them. It’s called the rainy season; since it doesn’t get any colder, it just rains more. Winter is not coming; Rain is coming. But, everything is more beautiful after the rain, and Costa Rica was probably the inspiration behind that saying. The hues of the abundantly diverse flora are more vibrant against a grey sky since there is no blue backdrop to compete with. There is absolutely no chance of seeing dry, dying plants, because water droplets make the leaves gleam. There is no need to worry about reserving spots or going out of one’s way to buy tickets ahead of time. There are actually no touristy destinations, because the only ones there are the locals. This means more interactions with ticos and getting to practice Spanish more. Ok yeah, the rain in Heredia and San Jose can range from heavy to pouring. (This only happens in the afternoons, mornings are clear) It can be a little annoying because come September, it thunderstorms almost every day around 2pm until the end of October. (July and August are rain-free) However it is a warm tropical rain, which breaks the humidity, so it is welcome. As soon as we leave Heredia though, our travel weekends are full of scorching rays, with sunscreen being the last item anyone would want to forget. Rainy season is the best season, because one can experience both sides of Costa Rica in one semester.


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  1. Jaime Jaime Nordlund Says:

    This post is super helpful as I am getting ready to go abroad. It is good to know not only what you packed but what you used and wished you would have packed. Thank you so much for this post!

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