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In the midst of History

History was by far my least favorite subject in school and quite frankly I still don’t get thrilled when having to learn about historical figures who died a bagillion years ago!! To some people this may be an insult due to the fact that history is essentially the core of our being, unfortunately it just never tickled my fancy (interpret that however you want).  This past weekend has shifted my whole perspective, as I found myself completely blown away by the lavish mysteries of the past!

I had the opportunity to go on a day trip with my program (IFSA-Butler) to three striking places in Catalonia; Montblanc, Monestir de Poblet, and Terragona. For those of you who a geographically challenged like me, I will try to explain briefly exactly where I was!

Okay so imagine a map of Spain (like an “e” shape); Now Barcelona is in the northeast part of Spain (get it? got it? good!); Catalonia, like I have said in a previous post, is an independent community made up of four different provinces,  Barcelona being one as well as Terragona.  Approximately two in a half hours south of Barca (Barcelona) you will Find Terragona, and within this beautiful city you will encounter a small, stunning, medieval town called Montblanc. Lastly, the Monestary of Poblet is located no more than five miles outside of Montblanc!  Now that I have officially made you all even more confused I shall proceed!!

Saturday morning we had to meet our directors bright and early at 8am! Side note: In the sum of three days I had a total of nine hours of sleep (no Bueno) and I was feeling terribly sick!! also I was absolutely miserable which explains my half smile in the following picture!

Our first adventure was visiting Montblanc to EXPLORE THE TOWN,,did I mention how beautiful it was??? whelp it was!!! Montblanc is completely different from Barcelona; there were not a  lot of people walking around, and our program director Ryan said that we were  practically the CELEBS of town, due to the lack of tourist they receive!

Most of these pictures consist of no locals, this could have been because of the time we arrived which was really early;  by lunch time the streets began to fill up with sounds of little children running around! We then had some free time to have lunch and walk around more, I took that opportunity to find a bench to rest.  It was not long after until we headed to meet our tour guide, who we later learned was a famous professor in his town for being an expertise in his field!!! (please dont ask me what is was, again I was so sick most of that day was a blur)  After touring the Montblanc history museum we got into cars and trekked up the mountains to see historical rock drawings, it was quite intriguing!!

Next we made our way to the Monastery; Fun Fact: 32 monks reside here, they all take care of the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance of the entire place, keep in mind that this area was HUGGGGGEEE!!! now I will let the pics speak for themselves!!

(Pretty amazing huh?!)

After a fun filled day, full of History and art I didn’t think this trip could get any better, but once we made our way to Terragona I knew that it was just the beginning!

Once arriving at the hotel the girls and I (Danielle and Meaghan) were excited to flop on our beds and rest our feet; but despite us being extremely tired and me being unfortunately sick, we decided to hit the city a little! We went to a really nice plaza, grabbed dinner, and ran into a live concert where we danced all night!!! My apologies, I left my camera at the hotel and didn’t get to capture any photos of this night! On the bright side I made sure to bring my camera the next day, and let me tell you it was well needed!

Sunday was a bit more relaxed, but was by far my most favorite part of the whole trip. It started with a little breakfast with the girls at a really cute cafe near the main street of where our hotel was located

(doesn’t look like the common American breakfast, but this is common in Spain)

Next we got ready to meet our tour guide to learn about the alluring city of Terragona. There is so much to say, but for the sake of your attention span I will try to condense as much information as possible!

The city within itself was much smaller than Barca(Barcelona), but still had so much to offer. We had the amazing opportunity to go to the Amphi theatre, which was a famous attraction for the people who lived in this part of Spain back in 2nd Century AD.  I cant even describe how it felt to LITERALLY be standing IN THE MIDST OF HISTORY (see what I did there, look at the title of this blog *wink wink*) ; it was phenomenal! While our tour guide so elegantly put in perspective the history behind these ancient ruins, I count help but to imagine that people thousands and thousands of years ago built these infrastructures with their bare hands!!!

So there it is people, I am now a sucker for History (just look at the way I got excited about that); The remainder of the tour was even more thought provoking as we continued to walk around and see more of the city… Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..MORE PICS!!

Overall this trip was amazing to say the least, and each day I spend here in Spain I realize how truly blessed I am. There will never be words to completely describe the impact this trip is making on my life, but I hope you have enjoyed the blogs thus far!!


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