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Study Abroad and Professional Goals

I chose to study abroad in Mexico for a number of reasons. The first was that I wanted to spend some time in the country from which my parents immigrated. Though I still have strong ties in Mexico and most of my extended family lives here, I had never spent more than a month at a time in the country. I wanted to explore the scenery and also take a break from hearing English everywhere.

In addition, I am hoping to move to Mexico after I graduate from college. Ideally, I would like to live in Mexico City. The city is approximately two and a half hours away from where my family resides, and I would still be able to visit them quite frequently. Also, I’d like to work in the field of media and journalism, and I see that there are more opportunities for that in a larger city. I am still trying to reconcile my decision of living in a city with the option of living in Ixtapan de la Sal where my family lives. That is a small city that I absolutely love. It has a beautiful climate and it’s small enough where people know each other but one can still meet new faces daily.

I am looking to plant an internship with a Spanish-language news station this coming summer. It would be a dream to intern with Univision as it is the top Spanish-language television channel in the United States. I have always wanted to use my native language in my career, and if I can use it to communicate with a Spanish-speaking audience, that would be a dream.

I still haven’t decided if I want to pursue a Master’s degree right out of college or wait a year or two before going back to school. As of now, I just want to move to Mexico straight out of college, but I find that it might be harder for me to move back for a graduate degree if that is what I decide.

I still have some convincing to do if I want to move to Mexico, though. My parents still worry about safety and the risks associated with living here, especially in the central and northern regions of the country. However, I hope that in time I can convince them and that they will be at ease with my decision.


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