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Week 3

I just finished my 3rd week at LSE, and I have to say, at LSE, things get real fast.


During my first week, new materials were covered in all of my lectures, serious reading was required and homework was assigned. The format of lectures needs some getting used to. I come from a small Liberal Arts College, where there are normally no more than 20 people enrolled in one course and you get a lot of interaction with the professor. My lectures at LSE range from 20 to 60 people (I’ve heard there are 500 students in one finance course), and there aren’t many opportunities to ask questions. Nevertheless, the quality of my lectures are really good.


In addition to lectures, there are classes for each course which consist of around 12 students. Classes are when you go over the problem sets and ask questions. While lectures are mostly delivered by professors, the class teachers are generally PhD students, whom I actually find to be easier to talk to sometimes.


Coming from Davidson, I’m used to intense workload. But LSE, being in the centre of London, has much more going on. Besides my courses (and the courses I want to audit), there are many career events, skills development workshops, and public lectures to keep me busy. A large number of companies, often big name company, come to campus and great speakers from different backgrounds, again often big name speakers, delivery speeches here. There isn’t one day when there aren’t at least two events of interest at LSE. So while I usually come home after a full day at campus to endless photos of my friends’ study abroad field trips, which seems to take place at least three times a week in different places, I’m really glad I made the decision to come to LSE. Although it’s intense, I feel very fortunate to have access to all the great resources LSE has to offer.


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