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As I enter the second month mark of my time here in Barca, I am not even close to wanting to go back to the states. I have fallen deep in love with this place!  Everything from the cobble stone streets, to the many people I have met; I can honestly imagine myself living here permanently! (sorry mamma).

For so long in life ( I say this as if I am old) I have been searching, craving, and desperately needing something that would help me see more of who I was! It only took about 8 hours across the Atlantic Ocean for me to have this new clarity! Well before I get to deep let me quickly change the subject,  In honor of Throw Back Thursday, here are some unseen photos that consist of many different adventures, random nights, and photos that I simply forgot to upload!!

(That one time I thought I was cool jumping inside a Volcano, this was a day trip to Olot)


(Part of the Ifsa- Butler crew hiking towards Tibidabo, which is a mountain overlooking Barcelona)


(This is just a really cool gate/doorway thingy….)


(Danielle and I, went to a wine tasting festival where we ate more cheese than having the actual wine; so we thought it would make us look fancy if we took a picture with wine)


(This was such a magical night, the closing ceremony of the La Merce celebration)


( Oh and this is the entry way to the H&M here in Barcelona„„its casual)


(Me and a few friends went on a random walk around Monjuic, and I had to capture this beautiful building)


( I had to also get a picture in front of it!…same building as the previous picture)


(Sometimes we pour wine through a colander…..the only explanation I will give for this picture)


(Eating like royalty in Montblanc, where we had our own private room and fancy chairs)


( Correrfoc, which literally means “running with fire” in Catalan; Danielle and I were brave enough to attend this event during La Merce! though it was really cool, we had to get away from the main area because the fire got to close to us)


(Had to add this pic, this was my first day not only in Barcelona, but in my room!!!!)


( One day some friends and I decided to have a movie night, but before that we had to stop at a market to get random snacks….)


(A magical piece of cheesecake from a wine festival, that I have yet to find again… sad)

Well until next time family and friends!!!


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