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Rosario is a town 4 hours away from Buenos Aires, and while it’s not the biggest tourist attraction in Argentina, it is a very nice and relaxing town. I visited Rosario this past weekend with some of my friends, and it was a nice getaway from Buenos Aires for the weekend. I was very happy to get out of town for a bit and it’s cheap and quick to get to Rosario. While the town isn’t the most exotic location in the world, I had a blast going to Rosario and meeting people who weren’t from Buenos Aires. After going to the beach for the day, my friends and I returned to our hostel to join in on an asado (BBQ) that the owner was throwing. It was a great opportunity to meet the other people who were staying at the hostel, and they were friendly! It was a good mix of people who spoke English (some Irish and English people) and Spanish (Argentines travelling as well as Colombians who were visiting for a wedding). It was great to take an opportunity to meet other people who were travelling and get a fresh perspective on studying abroad. They all had had very different experiences in South America and comparing stories all night was a highlight of the trip. The second day, my friends and I did some sightseeing and visited the monument to the Argentine flag, which was an awe-inspiring monument. While Rosario does not have a lot of excitement, it was a great relaxed weekend and I will never pass up the opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds and make new friends.


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