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In the past 2 weeks, my sister visited me here in Buenos Aires. She got to know the city well by going on photography and graffiti tours while I was in class, and we also took the opportunity to leave the city for a bit and visit Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. It’s a historically interesting town, as it was originally a Spanish colony that switched hands between Spain and Portugal multiple times before Uruguay gained its independence. The historical district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and some of the ruins are fascinating. Unfortunately, my sister and I found out that it is a very small town and fairly expensive compared to Buenos Aires. We walked around town all day, but were able to see everything of interest in a couple hours. The rest of our day was then spent trying to find something to do while we waited for our ferry to come. This may be an unfair representation of the town as it really was pretty and peaceful, but I don’t know if I would recommend it to someone looking for excitement. Although we were disappointed in general with our trip to Colonia, it was a nice day-trip to somewhere more peaceful than Buenos Aires, and watching the sunset on the river was definitely fun.


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