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Fería Masticar

I love music, culture, and meeting people, but one of the everyday things that I enjoy most is food. Eating empanadas has been one of the best aspects of living here, and the epitome of food-loving for me was the Fería Masticar (literally Chew Festival). Fería Masticar is a festival that brings together many of the most well-known restaurants in Buenos Aires in one place and allows people to try small dishes from each. It was one of the best days of my life. I started the day off with a choripan from one of the best parillas in Buenos Aires, which seemed like it would be setting the bar too high for the rest of the day, but Masticar delivered. I moved on to a beef empanada, which was a very solid choice and has never failed me. My next stop was a chorichong, a dumpling filled with chorizo, which was an awesome mix of Asian and Latin cuisine. I accompanied the chorichong with Patagonia, a fancy Argentine beer, and it was a great combination. The most exciting part of the meal was ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen, which was very creamy and delicious. I have always been interested in gastronomy despite having zero culinary abilities, and it was an awesome experience. To end the day, I went to a free wine-tasting and enjoyed learning about the rich wine culture Argentina has. I of course knew about the famous Argentine Malbec, but I was not aware before that Argentina also is known for its signature white wine: Torrontés. Overall, Fería Masticar was an awesome day for me to enjoy one of the things I love most in life: food.


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