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Ready to Run

One of my favorite things about this study abroad program is how integrated we are as students at the University of Havana. I really wanted an experience abroad where I could pretend to be a regular student because I think it’s an incredible opportunity to understand a completely foreign environment. Obviously, it is nearly impossible to actually blend in (mostly because of how white I am), but my teachers at the university expect nothing less from me than their Cuban students. There are, of course, pros and cons to this situation. Currently I’m feeling the con-side to be a bit heavier as I have a ton of final papers to write in conclusion of my courses here. Luckily I find most of the subject matter interesting, but the workload is confining me from traveling too far from Havana for a few weeks. I’d say it’s pretty equal to the final paper workload that I’d have in a normal semester at Colgate, except that everything is in Spanish and I’m completing everything with barely any access to the internet.

In order to break free, I’ll be attempting to run the half marathon race as part of the Marabana this upcoming Sunday. I developed a pretty severe allergy to organized running after high school cross country but hopefully I’ll be able to get it done. I haven’t been through the entire course yet but apparently it goes through the big sightseeing areas in Habana Vieja that I don’t often visit here so I think it will keep me pretty entertained! I’m looking forward to the section of the course that is along the Malecón because that is my favorite place to run here.


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