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The end is nearing

After spending the weekend away from St. Andrews it began to hit me that my time at St. Andrews is coming to an end. I’ve been spending my days planning my travels for after finals, and perhaps clicking on all those calendar dates has made me realize that they’re not so far from the present. As everyone says, it seems like just yesterday I was participating in freshers week, choosing classes, and meeting new faces. All of a sudden, there are only two weeks of classes left, and finals are coming up. This morning as I went through my morning routines, I realized that I don’t need to ration my laundry soap or contact solution so meticulously. As I made breakfast I thought to myself that I need to stop buying more ingredients and start clearing out my kitchen cupboard.

I always look back on my freshman year at Amherst fondly, wishing that I could go back to be the bright eyed and innocent freshman, open to the world. As a study abroad student at St. Andrews I got to be a freshman all over again.  I got to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. In my academics, I get to have the understanding and leniency from being a new student. I get to enjoy the luxury of having time – time to sleep, watch TV, hang out, travel without sacrificing academics. And finally, I’m able to retain the ability to see the small town with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Whats more? I get to experience all this with less of the insecurities and uncertainties of a first-year.

This time around, the concerns are different. I’m racking my brain wondering whether I’ve experienced everything there is to experience at St. Andrews. I question what will come of the friendships I’ve made during my time here. Have I taken full advantage of all the opportunities here? These are the last few weeks to make sure I minimize any regrets, so I had better get to it!


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