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Time is flying in Argentina

Hey Everyone,

Classes are wrapping up here in Mendoza and I can´t believe that there is only about a month left.

Last weekend we had our program Halloween party, and it was a blast. My host mom and I made a Tigger costume, which was just the cutest thing I have ever seen and so fun to work on with her.


I actually got my host brother and one of his friends to go with me and we spent the night dancing with them. It was so much fun. The after party in the Pancho place was pretty sweet too.

Aside from the weekend stress relief, these weeks are really intense as everyone busily writes all those papers thrown on us at the last minute for final exams and projects in the daze that comes after four months of amazing experiences and not so much worry about classes. I´m starting to realize how much I have learned in my classes and about life in general.

This week I finished my ¨monografía¨ for my art history class. It´s an 11 page paper, but 1.5 spacing is used here, so in the US it would be a 15 page paper. It really stressed me out because I had to come up with a thesis relating art from the Baroque with something from Argentina or the U.S., in Spanish none the less. However, after four months in Argentina it was much easier to write than I had imagined it would be.

Unfortunately, there isn´t too much to report here. We´ve been buckling down with work a little and spending our free time drinking mate in the park. Have I mentioned how beautiful the park two blocks from my house is? And, it´s huge. Yesterday I spent two hours wandering around in parts I haven´t explored yet, got lost, found the soccer stadium, stumbled upon some makeshift houses in the side of a canal blasting music, watched Argentines learning to drive and got a crazy new tan.

It´s starting to warm up here, and quick. It´s been beautiful for the last couple of weeks and I am starting to realize that sunscreen is a definite necessity here. We´ve also been realizing that it´s time to go clothing shopping. Meaning, the delicious dulce de leche, helado, asado, vino and facturas have us ¨subiendo en peso¨. However, it would be a crime to diet here, so buying new clothes is definitely the better option.


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