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Ups and Downs

The past month while being abroad has flown by! I spent a weekend in London, visited the Dali Museum in Figures, spent a day touring Girona; all of this while taking classes and working at my internship. No wonder why they past month has felt like just three or four days.

No matter how spectacular living and studying in a foreign country is, all of those wonderful experiences come along with a few not so wonderful ones. Last Friday I was feeling a little stressed with school work. I decided to take my laptop to a quiet cafe and spend the whole day working. About an hour into researching for one of my many papers my computer screen started freaking out and the screen went blue. It shut down and wouldn´t turn back on. My first feeling, panic. I emailed my dad from my iPod which I connect to wifi at times. He told me that my computer definitely had a virus and I shouldn´t do anything until I get it looked at. After days of researching (on a public library computer) I finally found a man that said he could fix it.

It has officially been a week and my computer is still not working properly. The communication between the man and I is definitely a challenge. I speak Spanish fluently, but I don´t understand computer terminology even in English! So in the meantime I´m trying to stay positive, get work done on friends’ computers and at the library, and I just keep hoping that I´m back with a working computer as soon as possible.

So the lesson here for people who are preparing to study abroad; get ready for some stressful times, try to stay calm, flexible, and positive throughout difficult situations. Also, back up all of your pictures and papers! Woops….


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