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Dream Big

My amazing, wonderful, beautiful, brave mother is on her way to Spain!!! My mom has always had a fascination with the Spanish language and culture. She loved it so much that she decided to place my two brothers and I in a program called Spanish Immersion. This programs runs from kindergarten until the 5th grade were you are completely immersed in the Spanish language. I mean everything is taught in Spanish! Math, science, history, etc. For an hour a day we would switch classrooms and have an English class, learning basic vocabulary and grammar. But basically, all day we spoke in Spanish. By the second grade we weren´t allowed to speak English at all in the classroom. Pretty crazy huh?

My mom always talked about taking a family trip to Spain once we all made it through the program. She wanted to show us that all of our hard work was meant for a reason, to be able to communicate and understand another culture on a deep level. For financial reasons and well, life, that trip never happened.

Over the years my mom’s dream of visiting Spain stuck with me. I worked so hard to be here in Barcelona studying, working, living and experiencing the culture every day. My dream has come true, and now it´s time to accomplish hers. Her plane gets in tomorrow. We are spending a few days in Barcelona, then four in Madrid and then we return for another three in Barcelona. She only has a week here so we are cramming in as much Catalan and Spanish experiences as possible!

People, work hard, save your money, and study abroad. You will never have the opportunity for an experience like this one. Make your dreams (and maybe your parent’s dreams) come true!


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