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Study abroads impact on who I am now?!

I came abroad expecting to have an instantaneous change; I imagined a type of metamorphosis to occur within the first few weeks of being in Barcelona. This was such an unrealistic expectation, because as I near the end of my stay here abroad I am now starting to see how I have changed!

In pondering this question more, I am brought back to a conversation I had a few weeks ago with  a dear friend…

My friend Lars (who came to visit me from the South of Spain) said to me,,,

“Ketta you look different, seem more confident”

I responded with the look of confusion on my face, “huh, how so?”

Curious to understand what it was that my friend  meant, also how is it that he saw this mysterious change, and I couldn’t?

“I don’t know, I can just tell, for Christ sake you are wearing a classy sweater out!”

This was definitely not the explanation I was looking for, seriously how could a sweater define the impact abroad has had on one’s life?

Even though his explanation was not sufficient, Lars was right I did feel more confident! Being in Barcelona I have begun to learn so much more  about not only myself, but also life in general!  So in this blog I would like to share a few of these new insights…

First and foremost CONFIDENCE, something that I have always struggled with! I’m not sure where this new confidence came from but I cant remember a time where I felt this comfortable in my own skin. For example, there are days where I would go off on my own  to random cafes and meet people, also I even started wearing my naturally kinky hair (which anyone who knows me know, that this is  huuggge); facing the huge challenges that come along with being in a foreign country,  has given me the strength to truly get outside my comfort zone! ( I now feel invencible!!)


Second, I’ve learned that I no longer have to please people. What I mean by this is that, back in the states  I never realized how much I would get so caught up in what other people thought about me.  Here in Barcelona  that has not been the case; In fact I am now a firm believer that it is a waste of time trying to please others!

Third, but certainly not least, NO WORRIES!! There is a saying here in Barcelona, “No Pasa Nada” which means “don’t worry about anything,” it is  used quite often, and what I believe is the essence of this culture.  Here in Barcelona you will find that a lot of people  don’t get stressed over things quickly.  I remember before leaving the states, my mom said to me , “Shaketta please don’t stress yourself, breath!” I have to admit that I use to constantly worry; Barcelona’s culture has consistently reminded me not to be fixated on the small things, and instead enjoy the present moment.

Three months ago I was not the girl  that I am today,  so I feel tis only right to give a huge thanks to the place I have now come to know as my home!…

Thank you Barcelona!



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