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Two nights ago, IFSA arranged for our group and our host moms to have a Thanksgiving feast. My host mom made two turkeys, stuffing to fill both, gravy, and a fish for me to eat since I am vegetarian. Other host moms made vegetables or mashed potatoes to go along with the turkey. While many of my favorite holidays are in fall, it was easy to forget about Thanksgiving this year. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas because the atmosphere and the weather are my favorite in my small little town in Ohio. The leaves changing colors, eventually falling, and waiting for the first snow fall is perhaps my favorite part of living in Ohio. The weather also adds to the atmosphere of these holidays. The leaves and snow really play off of pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks, and Christmas lights. Fall clothing is also my favorite. Sweaters, crew necks, boots, cozy socks, and scarves are my fall must have when the weather changes. Fall has my favorite memories and sights which has been the hardest thing about living in the Yucatan for the fall semester. It has been an endless summer here with the weather moving from ninety degrees Fahrenheit to a breezy seventy. I have continued to run outside even though it is November and the first snow has already fallen in my home town. If one thing is for sure, I am excited to return back to the cozy comfort of a regular crew neck, leggings, and my Uggs.

However, this year it was very easy for me to forget that last Wednesday was Thanksgiving. I awoke like it was any other Thursday morning. I did not have class because the semester winds down early here in the Yucatan which I am very thankful for. I did not remember it was Thanksgiving until I looked at my iPod and had a ton of notifications from family and friends wishing me a happy holiday. I did not start to miss Thanksgiving festivities until a few minutes later when I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and realized that I was missing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show. My parents sent me a few photos of balloons I would have loved. But, my favorite part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is in the beginning when shows from Broadway sample songs to entice viewers to come. I have never been to New York City or Broadway, but one of these days I will. I did not realize how much I truly enjoyed Thanksgiving until I realized I didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate it here in Mexico.

Thanksgiving in my family only consists of my family. I rather enjoy my mother, dad, and sister and our little Thanksgiving meal we have together. We are all vegetarians, so our little Tofuturkeys are perfect for just the four of us. Since I have been in college, it is a nice little break before the end of the semester that I get to catch up with what is going on back at home. As my sister and I grow older, I really cherish the time we have now before our adult lives truly begin. Not being able to be home for this holiday has really made my heart hurt. However, having Thanksgiving with the host moms was lovely. We finished up our last class at IFSA and all waited for the host moms to arrive. We even got served by waiters! It was nice meeting all the host moms and chatting with them unlike the few times we have only seen them over the semester. It was a great ending to the semester, especially with the piƱatas!


In about three days, I will be returning back to the United States. While I have a lot there to enjoy when I get back, I am also a little sad to be leaving my host mom. She has really helped me improve my Spanish and truly treated me like one of her own. When I first came to Mexico, I was not sure about what kind of experience I would have. However, my host mom has truly made this a wonderful experience. Whenever I think about leaving, my stomach always churns thinking that I will soon be leaving my favorite person here in Mexico. I have vowed to return to the Yucatan in order to stay in touch with my host mom. I will miss her immensely and cannot believe I will be returning home in three short days. It is crazy how fast this experience here went. I feel like it was only yesterday and I first arrived here August 14th and had no idea what was in store for me.



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