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It’s been a while since I last posted since I’ve very busy in Havana lately. Some of the highlights over the past weeks include attending the International Ballet Festival, going to the National Fine Arts Museum, and visiting Matanzas again. Although I had already been to Matanzas, I decided to go again on a weekday so I could visit Ediciones Vigía, a unique publishing house that makes all of its books by hand. Ediciones Vigía began making books in the 1980s out of recycled supplies and homemade paper because paper and printing supplies were no longer available from the crumbling Soviet Union. Today, the publishing house still makes its books in the same fashion, but the books include both Cuban and international authors and are prized as collectibles since only 200 copies of each book are made.

Some of my classes are already starting to come to an end, as I have to turn most of my final papers and projects in by the end of the week. I posted a picture of the books I bought from Ediciones Vigía, and I will write another post about everything else I’ve been up to soon.


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