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The Airport

I am down to my last couple of hours at the airport in Costa Rica, and am just sitting at my gate, enjoying. This will be the last time I am able to interact with people automatically speaking Spanish. From now on, I will have to ask if they speak the language. Even at the airport, the personnel try to speak to me in English, but I answer back in Spanish not wanting to miss out on my last opportunities. B.C.R. (Before Costa Rica), speaking Spanish was work to me, but here, with my newfound fluidity, I have come to love the sound of it, and the beautiful sayings that are singular to this country.

It’s about having that last gallo pinto for breakfast with guava jelly on my toast. That last mango juice that I sipped slowly. The last crazy car ride to the airport. The last landscapes at the airport that aren’t just the normal gray concrete runways, but instead, clear views of the mountains and greenery. As if calling out to all the travelers to come back again, leaving this image as the last imprint of Costa Rica. My host sister told me she hiked the mountains next to the airport once, but that it was so steep she was basically climbing it, with sweat dripping all the way down through the strands of her hair. This is what Costa Rica is to me, a beautiful land that people enjoy exploring, even if it is challenging, its rewards outweigh the difficulties. Costa Rica may be romanticized a lot, but it is because there is no other way to describe it. Here, what sounds too good to be true, is the truth. This is what life consists of, and it has been amazing to live in a country where the daily normalities are unbelievably beautiful. Although I may have become accustomed to CR, it has never been without abundant appreciation at the same time.


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