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The Waiting Game

Hello Everyone!

I would like to welcome you all to my blog where I will share all of my adventures, thoughts, ups, and downs throughout my semester in Australia! Join me as I journey through this beautiful country [and other surprise destinations along the way:)] for 5 months living the Aussie life as a student and traveler! I was officially accepted into the IFSA-Butler study abroad program at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia for Semester 1 2015 back in October, and I could not be more thrilled! My departure is still roughly almost two months away, and now that I am home in New York for the holidays the waiting game begins. It still feels like a dream, but becomes more real each day as I have booked my flights through Qantas Airlines (recommended by an Australian friend), gotten my passport together, enrolled in classes online, and started my visa application. My parents have been extremely supportive throughout the application process & heaps of paperwork, but I’m confident that all the hard work will pay off when I step foot in my beautiful host country. From now until my departure in February, I will be reading up on everything Australia to familiarize myself with the aspects of their daily lives as well as their history. The more I learn, the more I fall in love with the idea of Australia and I haven’t even been there yet! I am looking forward to an adventurous and spontaneous journey after a calm & somewhat boring (sorry family!) couple months at home this winter…not to mention the sweet summertime and warmth I’ll be entering in Brisbane. In case you didn’t know, Australia’s seasons are the complete opposite of what they are here in the United States, so when it’s winter here it is summer there! Although I am excited 99% of the time, there’s still that 1% of me filled with anxiety over questions such as the following:

-Will it be difficult to adjust to Australian university life both academically and socially?

-What if I get lost and can’t understand the transportation systems?

-How different is their money system?

-What if I get there and realize I want to go home?

I’ve gotten a lot of advice from friends and other colleagues who have studied abroad recently and in the past, and all of these worries seem to be normal at this point in the process! I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date with the latest & greatest as it gets closer to my flights! You are all welcome to follow me on twitter and instagram at @aegagnon8 and I’ll also be using the hashtag #AshleyTakesOz so keep an eye out for that. Many fun photos, videos, and stories to come!




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