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Mi mamá anfitriona//My Host Mother

One of the reasons I chose to go to Argentina through IFSA was because of the requirement to live with a host family. The majority of the host families are single, retired women. I had the opportunity to live with a wonderful host mother and her cat, Princesa, who I now consider my family.

img_0176 Marta and I

Marta never hesitated to help me with whatever I needed, whether it be recommendations of the best cafés in the neighborhood, which bus to take where, or reminding me to pick up my laundry. One time, I was going through a multi-step process to get my Visa and needed to bring a certain folder to the migrations office for one of the steps. I could not find the folder anywhere, and Marta helped me pull my room apart, including pulling the desk out of the room and bed away from the wall to search for the folder (turns out, I had never actually gotten the folder in the first place).

Through the program, we are supplied dinner every night except Saturdays and breakfast every morning. Each night at dinner, we sit down for about an hour and chat and eat dinner, which has been a very special time of each day for me, and something that I always look forward to. One night, we did fondu together which was super fun (pic below). Marta is the sweetest, and even though she doesn’t need to, if I was ever home during lunch time doing work or something, she would ask if I wanted to eat lunch with her and would make it for the two of us. I am gluten intolerant, and because Marta is celiac, I was still able to taste all of the typical Argentine foods in a Gluten-free version!


Sometimes, while I was studying in the house, Marta would bring me a tray with tea and cookies on it without even asking whether I wanted it :) Some good studying motivation..

My parents were able to visit while I was here. It was so special to be able to show them around the city that I had gotten to know over the previous four months and to introduce them to friends in BA! They even got to come to an “asado” (a typical, often weekly, gathering – a barbeque shared with friends) that we had with my soccer team, and had their fair share of the delicious argentine steak.


The day that they arrived, we had lunch with Marta, and it was so nice to have my two real parents and my host mother all together, after they had met via Skype several times before. Marta even gave my mom an Argentine empanada cooking lesson!


My host mother has been a great blessing to me during my time in Buenos Aires and I could not imagine this experience without her!!!




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