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Traveling back to America

I left my place in Barcelona  at 5:45am; still numb to the feeling that, that was the last time I would see my residence. Instead of taking a taxi to get to the train to head to the airport, I decided to walk. I wanted to soak up the fresh morning breeze, and embrace the feel of the cobblestone streets underneath my feet before officially saying, “see ya later Spain!” Upon arriving to the airport, it felt as though I was in a trance it hadn’t dawn on my that I was returning to America.

I had three connections to make on my way back to America; Barcelona to Madrid, Madrid to Philadelphia, and Philadelphia to Minnesota. It was an unbelievably long trip,  and once I made it to Philadelphia the first thing that shocked me was hearing English.  I had become so accustomed to hearing either Catalan or Spanish, that I sort of forgot about how it feels to be surrounded by all English speakers. I became frustrated, because I no longer  was provided with the challenge of having to understand a different language (a bit ironic huh!).   I was in full denial and still couldn’t admit to myself that I was no longer in Spain.

Overall the whole trip was a blur, I mostly slept on the plane and when I was awake I couldn’t help but think about my life in Barcelona for the past four months…a multitude of memories rushed through my mind, I continuously found myself smiling because of the wonderful things that I had experienced. This was a shock to me, because for some reason I expected myself to cry, I quickly realized that there was nothing to cry about! Through everything that I learned, all the people that I met, and even the obstacles that I faced this experience has meant so much to me and is something I will forever talk about.

Once I arrived to Minneapolis, Minnesota I walked down the stairs and went through the doors leading to where the baggage claim was. The first face I noticed, upon the many other people waiting for the arrival of  their loved ones, was my moms. She had a huge smile on her face, and was holding a camera (typical)! it was at that moment where I said to myself, “Shaketta you are now back in America, now go hug your momma.” It was weird to admit this to myself, and I knew the transition wouldn’t be easy, but knowing that I had a story to bring back with me, made the idea of my return a bit more bearable.


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