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Anticipation Post #1

Hello Readers!

First, I’ll let you in on a little about myself. Then you can read about the purpose of this blog and finally, there will be an actual Lima specific update. I promise :)

First, about me. My name is Taylor and I am from a small town in Illinois. My home university is McKendree University, also in a small town. I love to read, hang out with my friends/family/dogs, and spend time on social networking sites (you can find me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat… pretty much anywhere except Twitter. I don’t take Twitter seriously).

A couple fun facts about me: I know how to drive a stick shift (or manual) vehicle and actually prefer it that way, something about feeling the car really respond to you and not some unseen force. My family also fosters puppies for the local animal shelter. Basically that means that we take in puppies that the shelter doesn’t have room for and teach them how to be respectable dogs and find their homes. To date, we have fostered and found homes for almost 30 puppies, which is pretty cool. I still see some of them from time to time and it warms my heart knowing that they are where they truly belong because of us.

About this blog:

I want to make this blog as fun and informative as I can. My target audience is people considering Study Abroad. A more specific audience would be people considering Study Abroad through IFSA-Butler in Lima. So please, please- know that I am having fun as I write but that I want this to be a very real indication of what life before, during and after study abroad was like. I’m going to be as honest as I can and once I get back in the States, I will give you all my personal email address so that you can contact me with questions. Trust me, I’m going to want to talk about Peru. Ask me about it. :)

Lima-specific update (I told you I’d get around to it)

I write specifically because today is a pretty significant day in terms of travel plans. I received confirmation of my flights to and from Lima, Peru. 😀 I’m pretty excited. I’ve known that I would be going to Peru for a long time now, since October, and before now it hadn’t really hit me that this journey is one that I am going on. Like WHAT!?! I’m going to be living in PERU!?!? No way. That being said, the fact that my flights are confirmed makes it a little bit more tangible. My brain is actually starting to process it as reality. So there are roughly 2 months and a week until I fly out of Chicago and about 6 months and 2 weeks until I fly back into Chicago. Talk about nerve-wracking.

Until next time, friends!


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