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hey again!

So you might be wondering… where have I been?? MIA for about 6 months, but all for good reasons!!

As my semester in Buenos Aires was wrapping up, it became much busier than I expected. And I definitely had some of the best weeks of my life. When I came back to the United States, I knew I had to write something. Just one blog post… but I couldn’t. To me, writing the final blog post would signify the end. The blog post was much more than a few words about my experience. Rather, it was concrete proof that my experience in Buenos Aires was over. And that was something I just couldn’t face. 

So why can I finally write now? I AM GOING BACK TO ARGENTINA IN 3 DAYS! I received a grant from the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies (LACIS) department at UW-Madison to volunteer. I can’t wait to see my host family and my friends, and I’m so grateful to be welcomed back into my second home.

As I flew back to the U.S., I embarrassingly cried during the flight home (and I like to think I’m usually pretty tough!). Although I was excited to see my friends and family in Wisconsin, I was afraid that I would never return to Buenos Aires. Everybody always warns you about culture shock when entering a new country, but I never thought it would be so tough to return to a culture I’ve always known and loved. During most of my Argentina experience, I felt the strangest combination of emotions. As cheesy as it sounds, I was so happy, and I feared that I would never be this happy again. I think I never realized that we are ultimately responsible for creating our own happiness. As I look forward to these next few weeks in Argentina, I recognize that I wanted so badly to return, and I found a way. Happiness is always around, but sometimes we have to find it.


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