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Its hard to believe that I have been back in America for a  little over two weeks now; upon arriving home I haven’t had much time to stop and fully grasp the experience that I had in Barcelona.  I came home to family and friends bombarding me with the infamous question, “how was your experience?” I respond the same way each time, “it was amazing.” Seems as though that’s all I can say because in some way it feels like a distant dream that I just left a whole other country and a different way of life.

I have to be honest and admit that I immediately became extremely frustrated with being back, constantly annoyed by all of the “American norms” that I have always been accustomed to. For instance the small things such as when to eat dinner, or huge things such as  the lack of fresh food that is available. Whenever I spoke to close friends I found myself comparing my life in Barcelona to my life in America, or more specifically Minnesota (which is where I live).  I could tell that people were getting annoyed with me continuously talking about how Barcelona was “soooo much better” than living in America.  Of course I had no intentions of making people feel uncomfortable or even making it seem as though I disliked America, I guess it became my way of coping with the realization that my time abroad officially ended.

As the days go by, I am starting to get back into the swing of things. Such as working at my job prior to leaving, and spending time with family and friends; In all I know that the road to readjusting  will not be easy especially because I am not the same person that I was before having my abroad experience. It is great to know that I will be able to share my story of how living in a whole new country changed my life!


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