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A Great Camping Trip

We don’t actually know exactly where we went, but it was west of the city of Lima, and probably still in the province of Lima.  We got it in our heads that the place was called “Huarochiri”, but I’m almost positive that’s not true.  One of my friends (Koby) had met a part-time adventure guide that invited us along with him, his brother, and his brother’s friend as they went for a weekend trip to climb mountains, repel down waterfalls, and hike around a bit.  We subsisted almost entirely on crackers for the weekend.

After a four hour drive out to wherever it was that we went, and a good amount of searching around, we eventually found a place to make camp in a small grassy area above a dusty soccer field next to a corn field near the mountain we planned to climb the next day.   We pitched our tents and built a fire.  The campfire that night was a great time.  Four of the five people there knew how to play guitar and sing and we just passed the guitar around the circle taking turns singing the song of our choice; the guitar made it around the circle at least four times before we finally decided to go to bed after a long day.

The next morning we got up and, after taking down the tents and eating a quick breakfast of crackers and bread, we hiked across a rickety bridge


through some avocado and bamboo fields


and past a loud pack of stray dogs to eventually arrive here:


We climbed around for a bit, and learned to repel,


then headed back to the car to drive to our next destination, a nearby waterfall.  We hiked a narrow canyon (at times we were literally walking up a waterfall or rapids) until we got to a wider spot in the canyon where we found what was basically a really dangerous waterslide made of rocks.




After all this stuff, we were pretty tired.  But these guys weren’t your average outdoor adventurers (



So we headed back to a nearby town as night fell and had some chinese food over candlelight (the town had lost power for the night).  Then, we drove out to our final destination and, after some hiking, we found ourselves at the top of a large waterfall at around midnight.  We were sharing the space with a donkey and another loud pack of stray dogs that was harassing the donkey.  The donkey made it known that he was being harassed by making loud, echoing donkey noises.  Koby and I were laying down about to fall asleep as the other three prepared the ropes for our descent.  The waterfall was beautiful in the moonlight waterfall.  And I slept really well that night when we finally got back to camp and pitched tents.

I would highly recommend a trip like this to anyone who gets the opportunity.  It was a great chance to leave Lima for a weekend and it was probably one of the only things I did in Peru that almost no other American tourists have done.



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